Status, Abstract

Gunther Schmidt

Relational Data Analysis

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Has appeared as contribution pp. 227-237 to
Rudolf Berghammer, Bernhard Möller, Georg Struth (eds.):
RelMiCS '7 - Relational and Kleene-Algebraic Methods in Computer Science, Lect. Notes in Comput. Science 3051
ISSN 0302-9743, ISBN 3-540-22145-X

Department of Computing Science
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
85577 Neubiberg, Germany

September 2003
Given a binary relation R, we look for partitions of its row set and its column set, respectively, that behave well with respect to selected algebraic properties, i.e., correspond to congruences related to R. Permutations are derived from these congruences that allow to rearrange R visualizing the decomposition.