Status, Abstract

Gunther Schmidt

Relational Language

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Technical Report

Department of Computing Science
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
October 2003
A highly expressive relational reference language is developed that covers most possibilities to use relations in practical applications, which is designed to work in a heterogeneous setting. This language is intended to serve a variety of purposes. First, it shall allow to formulate all of the problems that have so far been tackled using relational methods with full syntax- and type-control. Transformation of relational terms and formulae in the broadest sense shall be possible as well as interpretation in many forms. In the most simple way, boolean matrices will serve as an interpretation, but also non-representable models as with the RATH-system may be used. Proofs of relational formulae in the style of RALF or in Rasiowa-Sikorski style are aimed at. Also some basics for partiality structures are included that allow to model degrees of information or degrees of availability of composite objects to be modeled.